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M.Ed., MRC


Charlotte Terrell has worked as a Clinical Therapist, Trainer, and Life Coach for a number of years. She has evoked change and positively impacted the lives of hundreds with her authentic, insightful wisdom, and witty approach to life and its circumstances. Charlotte is a dynamic communicator whose mission is to promote effective communication, coping methodology, and self confidence in all people. Her personal and professional experiences have caused her to develop a deep understanding of the importance of positive input, and its production of powerful outcomes.


Charlotte has authored (3) books. She has founded (2) companies; she currently owns/operates Images Motivational Consultant Agency, which is designed to support, assist, and improve the lives of individuals, groups, and families in the areas of communication, confidence, and coping.


Most recently, Charlotte was a Digital Facilitator at the Women's Success Conference where Iyanla Vanzant and Gloria Mayfield were on the main stage. Charlotte was also the speaker at a an Empowerment Women's Celebration. This year Charlotte will provide Transfomational Coaching and Speaking to groups and individuals looking to rediscover their Power, Peace, and Happiness!

my services.

Workshops for Educators:

  • Suicide Prevention & Bullying

  • What to do after a tragic event (in school or in the community)

  • Grief Counseling

  • Sensitivity to Varying Diverse Classroom Circumstances

  • Balance and Stress Management

  • Teacher Motivation

  • Classroom Management

Corporate Workshops:

Offerings for groups (tailored to the needs of the group):

  • Effective Communication: What Does Your TALK Say About You?

(Transparency, Accountability, Language, & Kindness in organizational communication)

  • Impactful Communication and Cultivating Relationships That Work

  • Customer Service Begins With You (internal and external CS)

  1. Make Sure You’re Okay

  2. Be A Team Player

  3. Email Lasts Forever

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